Sicherung eines Industriegebäudes vor Drohnen

Fast Installation in 3 Easy Steps

The DroneTracker is simply fixed to a wall using the mounting plate provided. We can supply a special tripod for mobile use e.g., for a concert or board meeting.


Your Site Map

Just send us a Google Earth map – or the coordinates – of the site requiring surveillance. We will determine how many sensors are required for optimum surveillance and where they need to be installed.


Your Site Map

Proposal for the drone protection of an industrial area

Our Proposal for Installation Positioning


Installation of the DroneTracker

The centralized software achitecture allows the integration of a nearly unlimited number of sensors into one system.

Easy installation of a counter-drone system

Plug and Play

  • Easy installation on walls or mobile tripod mounting
  • Easy to integrate in your existing IT infrastructure
  • Stand-alone device or several interconnected DroneTrackers
  • Power supply and connectivity via POE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • Automatic updates via cloud
  • Robust, weatherproof casing



Configuration With Only a Few Clicks

Use the browser-based, user-friendly software interface to configure your DroneTracker with just a few clicks via computer, tablet or smartphone. The drone detection system is regularly updated via cloud.

Drone detection and alarm system

Easy Configuration

  • DroneTracker and sensors
  • Positioning and alignment of the DroneTracker via drag & drop
  • Notification depending on alarm level via software, SMS, email, app, network message or
  • Detection profiles (day / night / time-controlled)


Drone alert and measures

Drone Alert! Act now!

Identify, Alert, Take Measures, Secure Evidence

Depending on the application field, there are various ways of reacting to a drone alert. Although it is technically possible to interfere with radio and GPS signals using a jammer or spoofer, causing the drone to crash, this course of action involves a lot of legal uncertainties. An out-of-control drone can damage property or even pose a risk to human life and limb. Besides, the effects of jammers and spoofers are not restricted to the radio and GPS signals of the targeted drone, but also interfere with other devices in the vicinity.

However, many anti-drone measures are available that are individually determined by our customers and do not involve shooting the drone down. In addition, alert videos provide important documentary evidence and help to analyze the incident and identify the culprit(s).

Counter-drone measures

Actions & Measures

  • Lead people to safety
  • Block view
  • Lock (cell) doors and gates
  • Search site for dropped objects
  • Search for pilot

Depending on Legal Situation:

  • Jam radio connection
  • Jam or spoof GPS
  • Physical anti-drone measures