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"A mass drone attack would be the equivalent of multiple suicide bombers being launched at a single target at the same time."

Chris Abbott,
executive director of the think tank Open Briefing

Aerial Threats, Weapons and Actions

Aerial Threats

  • Terror
  • Drone crashes
  • Illegal images and videos


  • Mass panic
  • Injury of spectators and players
  • Violation of media contracts
  • Interruption of event

Drones as Weapons

Commercial drones that are capable of being transformed into powerful weapons can be bought anywhere without a license.

Example: Agricultural hexacopter can be used for spraying chemicals

Price: $ 8,000 
Payload: 10 liters
Flight time: 10-25 min
Speed: 5-10 acres / hour


  • Detect drone
  • Inform security officers
  • Track drone
  • Jam drone
  • Capture drone
  • Locate and arrest pilot
  • Provide evidence
  • Discourage others by example

Complete Solution to Secure Your Airspace

  • Classification and pinpointing of drone
  • Immediate alarm notification
  • Preservation of evidence
  • Tailored countermeasures
  • Scalable solution
  • DroneDNA database
  • Integration of multiple sensors
  • API to 3rd-party products

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