Close the Security Leak in the Sky

Every enterprise and individual protected by a ground fence now requires an aerial equivalent.

Protected and unprotected airspace - drone intrusions

Use Cases and Customer Stories

  • Government / Military
  • Local Government
  • Data Centers / Corporations
  • Energy / Utilities
  • Airports
  • Stadiums / Arenas
  • Public Events
  • VIPs / Private Property
Drone carrying bomb

Federal agencies and militaries are seeing a rise in drones used for terrorism and destruction, and are also investing significant resources to advance their unmanned aerial surveillance and civilian protection programs.

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Drone carrying drugs

Local governments are increasingly relying on drones to monitor events and respond to disasters, and they also understand the need for proactive detection of unauthorized drones.

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Drone as flying hacker tool

Data centers and corporations are protecting themselves against espionage and hackers, who can use drones as a tool to infiltrate vulnerable networks.

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Drone with HD Video Recording Camera

Oil and gas facilities are using drones for infrastructure inspection, but also are understanding the costs of a shutdown due to a rogue drone.

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Drone with HD Camera Resolution

Airports across the world are seeing drones fly dangerously close and crashing into passenger flights, prompting runway closures, flight delays and implementation of heightened security measures.

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Stadiums and arenas are integrating drone shows for audiences, but also are seeing hobbyists crashing into spectators.

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Danger Drone

Public event coordinators are using drones to monitor spectators, but are also concerned with drones threatening crowds.

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Drone with Camera

VIPs and homeowners are seeing an increase in drones near their airspace, compromising their privacy and physical safety.

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Quotes from our Customers

“Dedrone has proved that its development department is able to deliver customizations and enhancements in record times”.

Dirk Backofen, Deutsche Telekom AG

Drones can easily reach the roofs of data centers, where there are essential infrastructure facilities such as ventilation and cooling. If a drone tampered with this equipment, it could have devastating effects. Protecting data centers from drones is a matter of great urgency. With DroneTracker, Dedrone offers the most effective system on the market today”.

Thomas Fischer, one of the most innovative data center planners in Germany

Presidential Debate

“Dedrone demonstrated that its solution quickly integrated into our overall security plan and provided us with very comprehensive, real-time information regarding unauthorized UAS platforms during this high profile event”.

Deputy Chief of Support Services, Kevin G. Canavan, Nassau Police

Suffolk County Correctional Facility

“Thanks to the DroneTracker, our airspace is now protected 24/7, and no drone will cross our perimeter unnoticed”.

Michael J. Franchi, Warden