Case Study Prisons

DroneTracker Surveys the Airspace above Suffolk County Prison

One of the largest prisons in New York State, USA, installed the DroneTracker in order to protect its facilities against unauthorized drones.

Suffolk County Prison
Successful cooperation of Dedrone and Suffolk Prison

The prison management is concerned with the rising number of drone incidents reported from other prisons.

Like all prisons, Suffolk County jail has elaborate security provisions on the ground - high walls with razor wire, security cameras, spots etc. - but above the fence the airspace was completely unprotected.

The prison authorities wanted to take action and protect their facility against aerial intrusions by drones before an incident happened. It remains important to prevent the dropping of contraband into the inner courtyards at anytime during the day or night. Objects dropped and gathered by inmates pose a serious threat to other inmates and prison employees.

After a few phone calls Dedrone colleagues from Sales and Technology flew to Suffolk County and delivered a presentation and video demos of the DroneTracker system in front of the decision makers. Convinced by the performance of the DroneTrackers, Suffolk County Prison sent maps of the correctional system to the Dedrone team.

In cooperation with the prison, Dedrone analyzed the maps and identified the most critical areas for drone intrusions. Then Dedrone created a plan with an optimal set-up and alignment of DroneTracker sensors for maximum coverage of the site.


Suffolk County Correctional Facility, NY, USA

Installation of a drone detection system at Suffolk County Prison

The Suffolk County Correctional System is one of the four largest local jail systems in the state of New York, USA.

The facility covers an area of approximately 28 km² and has a high-security wing.

More than 1,400 inmates are watched and supervised daily by over 900 correction officers.

Barbwire prison

Suffolk-County. More secure.

24/7 monitoring of the lower airspace against smuggling drones
Stop criminal drones smuggling mobile phones
No mobile phones.
Stop criminal drones smuggling drugs into prisons
No drugs.
Stop criminal drones smuggling weapons into prisons
No weapons.


  • Attempts to smuggle drugs, mobile phones, or even delivery of weapons with drones remain a concern, but the opportunity for such activity is now greatly reduced.
  • The prison receives valuable data on drone activities on the site, for example number of drone intrusions, times, drone models, recurring drones.
  • Searches can be carried out selectively, which greatly facilitates the work of staff.


In case of a drone alert the prison security actions different countermeasures, depending on the situation:

Track drone

Track the drone's flight path and determine its destination.

Inform officers

Inform the officers in the sector the drone is heading, so that they can immediately intercept dropped contraband.

Lock inmates

Lock the inmates in their cells.

Search pilot

Follow the drone's way back and search for the pilot.

Provide proof

Video evidence of each drone intrusion is recorded and provided for further investigations.

Stop drone

A jammer could be integrated and be triggered automatically to stop the drone.

The installation of the Drone­Tracker




Dedrone created a plan with an optimal set-up and alignment of DroneTracker sensors for maximum coverage of the site.

Wiring for a drone detection system



On the basis of the planning delivered by Dedrone, the prison installed network cables for connecting the DroneTracker sensors.

Installation of a counterdrone system on a server



The Dedrone server software was deployed on the prison's server.

Installation of the DroneTracker hardware



Together with the prison's technicians, the Dedrone engineers mounted a larger number of DroneTracker sensors at dedicated masts and connected them with the system.

Configuration of the drone detections sensors via software



Then the DroneTracker sensors were configured and adjusted to the special conditions of the surroundings – noise, light etc.

Test of a drone detection system



With numerous drone flights, the system was tested and fine-tuned after the installation.

Test of a counterdrone system



The security officers were trained in the handling of the user interface.

Drone reports and statistics of critical drone intrusions



Dedrone provides a detailed report of all drone alerts to the prison on a regular basis, including common days and times for drone intrusions, identified drone models, recurring drones etc.