Data Center


“Give me 10,000 euros and I'll paralyze your data center!”

Rainer F. Kubbutat,
expert for autonomous systems

Drones Can Inflict Maximum Damage with Minimum Effort


  • Compromising critical infrastructure
  • Hacker attacks
  • Espionage


  • System malfunctions and server failures
  • Financial damages, including losses by customers
  • Diminished brand image and loss of client confidence

Drones as weapons

Drones threaten the physical security of datacenters, and consequently their cybersecurity. They are small, quiet, and day or night are capable of carrying payloads of several kilograms over fences and right next to structures—including devices to intercept or disrupt data communications or hack into servers.

Example: DJI Phantom

Price: € 500
Flying Time: approx. 23 min
Speed: 16 meters/sec; 53 feet/second


  • Detect drone
  • Alert security personnel
  • Track and record drone flight path
  • If appropriate, jam drone
  • Capture drone
  • Locate and arrest pilot
  • Archive evidence
  • Discourage others by example

All features

Complete Solution to Secure Your Airspace

  • Classification and pinpointing of drone
  • Immediate alarm notification
  • Preservation of evidence
  • Tailored countermeasures
  • Scalable solution
  • DroneDNA database
  • Integration of multiple sensors
  • API to 3rd-party products