Case Study VIPs / Olympics 2016

DroneTracker Protected Royal Family of QATAR

During the Olympic Games in Rio, the Royal Family of Qatar stayed in a private residence surrounded by water. Security wanted to make sure that no intruders would fly in from the air, and searched for a way to protect the Royal Family’s privacy against drones. This was all the more important, because the residence was located in an area of Rio de Janeiro where many journalists were working and looking for stories.  

Computrade and Max Cultura, strategic Dedrone partners in Brazil, responded by installing the DroneTracker system at the residence. Two DroneTracker Multi-Sensors were mounted to facades of the building, monitoring the sky around the clock with cameras, microphones and Wi-Fi sensors. The system worked fully automatically, totaling 720 hours of effective protection of the airspace of the residence.


Al Thani Family

Due to its oil and gas reserves, Qatar is considered one of the wealthiest countries in the world. The state is reigned by the Al Thani family, one of the richest and most extravagant in the world.

Effective Protection against Drones

24/7 monitoring of the lower airspace against drones
No Paparazzi Drones
No Paparazzi Drones


  • Effective protection against paparazzi and other unauthorized drones
  • Fast and easy installation of the DroneTracker system
  • Easy management of the system for the security officers on site
  • Security gap in the sky was closed without much cost or effort
“It was the first time that we applied the DroneTracker system to protect VIPs from drones, and we were amazed by the performance and easy handling of the system in that role. Our client, the Royal Family of Qatar, was also very satisfied, since they could move around the residence without having to fear drones were taking pictures or doing worse.”

Gustavo Vicentini, CEO Computrade
Partner of Dedrone


Lead Royal Family to Safety

In case of a drone alert, security would lead the members of the Royal Family into the house quickly.

Block View

Windows and doors were closed until the drone left.

Search for Pilot

Security looked for the pilot.

The Installation of the Drone­Tracker




Computrade, Max Cultura, and Dedrone experts planned the installation of the Multi Sensors so they would achieve a maximum coverage of the site.

Wiring for a drone detection system



Technicians from Computrade affixed the Multi Sensors to the walls and installed the cables to connect them with each other and a computer.



DroneTracker sensors were configured and adjusted to the special conditions of the surroundings – noise, light etc. The alert settings were configured so that security would receive them via SMS.

Drone reports and statistics of critical drone intrusions



During the 30 days of installment, DroneTracker detected no less than 18 drones, among them several DJIs and a Parrot AR.