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Drones Wing the Security Industry

Drones add the sky as a new dimension to the security industry - and are hence opening up a huge new market: the market for Airspace Security

Interview with Mark Siegel, Partner at Menlo Ventures, on CNBC

Mark Siegel discusses his work in IT security, an 86 billion dollar market Menlo pays attention to by investing in companies like Dedrone.

Entering a $400 Billion Market

The global Homeland Security & Public Safety markets are currently worth around $400 billion, stated a forecast by Homeland Security Research, published in 2015. But the security industry today is mainly focused on security measures on the ground. The new need for airspace protection opens up enormous market potential!

Security Market Industry


Protection of industrial plants
against terror, espionage and
unwanted publicity.

Security Market Government


Protection of governmental
buildings against terror,
smuggling and espionage.

Security Market Consumer


Protection of residential
areas against aerial imagery
or unwanted publicity.

The Drone Market Is Growing Rapidly

According to Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, worldwide drone sales have already hit around 4.3 million units in 2015, revenue is estimated $1.7 billion. And the market for anti-drone technology is following suit: The market research institute Markets & Markets predicted a CAGR of almost 24 percent and a value of $1.14 billion in 2022.

Global Drone Market Size
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Global Anti-Drone Market Size
Markets&Markets, Feb. 2016

Fear of Criminal Drones is Rising

As drones become more mainstream, the potential for them to be used for crimes increases. Security experts and authorities all over the world are alarmed.

Senator Wants Drones Classified as a Dangerous Instrumentality

WFSU, 01/19/2016

Oxford Research Group Warns of Drone Terror Attacks

the INQUIRER, 01/06/2016

Get Tough on
Drones Before
People Die

THE DAILY BEAST, 01/09/2016

Drones Are Developing Exponentially

The popularity of drones is increasing in parallel with the recent great advances in their sophistication, power, affordability and ease of access.

Exponential evolution of Drones: Range, Payload, Autonomy, Applications

Market Potential USA: More than 535,000 DroneTrackers

The market potential for drone detection technology is huge. Any institution with an elevated need for security must sooner or later protect its airspace against aerial intrusions from drones.

Market Potential USA: 535,000 DroneTrackers
DroneTrackers per site: 20, per prison 50

The Drone Age is Dawning

Unmanned aerial vehicles will in the near future deliver goods, transport people, and maintain buildings. We will then need an aerial infrastructure to control and command the drone traffic in the skies above our cities.

Drone Zones: Longe range, Transportation, Delivery, Working and Hobby