Georgia Department of Corrections

Georgia DOC uses Dedrone to stop contraband delivery


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Georgia, USA


Dedrone technology stops contraband deliveries

Drones trigger alarms when flying in prison airspace

Staff conduct searches and recover contraband delivered by drone

As we continue to remain diligent at preventing contraband from entering our facilities, technological devices like the Drone Tracker assist us in our efforts

Gregory C. Dozier, Commissioner


With the help of 10,000 staff, Georgia Department of Corrections (DOC) houses over 50,000 inmates across the state. Like many correctional facilities, Georgia DOC needs to remain constantly vigilant to protect against emerging threats to inmates and staff.

Prison authorities wanted to take action and protect their facility against aerial intrusions by drones. It’s critical to prevent the dropping of contraband into their facilities at anytime, day or night.


Drone detection alarms are key to effectively protecting Georgia DOC against contraband. Using Dedrone’s DroneTracker software and RF-100 Sensor, airspace above and around facilities are protected around the clock. Once a drone is detected, Georgia DOC initiates security measures, including sending staff to search for the drone and sweeping all areas, interior and exterior.


Dedrone technology triggered an alarm, launching security staff into action. While the drone itself was not captured, an inner and outer sweep conducted by officers resulted in the recovery of two packages containing a large amount of drugs left behind by a drone.

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