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Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

Dedrone and local authorities secure international event from malicious drones







Fort Lauderdale


  • Dedrone and local authorities work together to secure international event from malicious drones
  • RF and HD video sensors provided real-time airspace security
  • Successfully apprehended an unauthorized drone and its pilot
"We are excited to work with Dedrone and bring enhanced surveillance system for counter UAV and drone detection to Law Enforcement and their partners"

Gerald Roberts, Terrorism Liaison Officer for private partners to the SE Regional Domestic Security Task Force (Critical Infrastructure / Transportation / Special Events)


The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) attracts a hundred thousand attendees every year. Enhanced Physical Security measures were in place and since the airspace above the event was as a restricted no fly zone, local law enforcement added another layer of security by adding Dedrone’s airspace security solution to their portfolio. Together with Unified Command Centers counter UAV operation, the Dedrone system was deployed at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. Before the event, standard operating procedures for law enforcement and FAA response notifications were developed for all drone alerts and summarized in a UAV detection alert protocol.


The Dedrone solution for the event included one RF-100 sensor for drone detection and alerts, and an HD video sensor for supplementary detection and live streaming of unauthorized drone payload inspections to the mission command center. The sensors and Dedrone’s software, DroneTracker, alerted the crew working at the mission command center of drones entering the perimeters of the event site. RF detection, video detection, & surveillance provided the incident commander a robust overview allowing for preemptive mitigation of potential security and public safety threats from drones.


The work of Dedrone, the Florida Regional Domestic Security Task Force Liaison, and local law enforcement ensured a secure and safe event. Drones were detected by the system during the show, capturing flight paths and drone information of unauthorized drones, and the security personnel were able to follow the drones and locate the pilot for further action with law enforcement.

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