2018 Global Economic Meeting

Dedrone returns to the annual meeting of global leaders to protect the event airspace


Local Governments and First Responders





Davos, Switzerland


  • The high-profile annual meeting took place in Davos, Switzerland from January 23th to 26th, 2018
  • Dedrone Airspace Security Technology was deployed for the second year in a row
  • Drone defeat technology was also setup for the event of an intrusion
"With Dedrone, we have found a completely reliable and innovative partner who complements our protective measures in the area of ​​drone defense with their technology.”

Spokesperson, Canton Police of Graubünden, Switzerland


The annual event, with over 3000 attendees is headlined by the world’s most compelling politicians, scientists, and leaders, who have security teams dedicated to every aspect of their travel. The police of the Canton of Graubündenm are responsible for the security of their attendees recognized the risks that drones pose, and for the second year in a row, have relied on Dedrone’s technology to protect their airspace.


The installation incorporated Dedrone’s radio frequency sensor and other passive sensors including cameras and microphones. Data collected was analyzed through DroneTracker software, which uses advanced, machine-learning algorithms, enabling security personnel to automatically and reliably detect the difference between drones and other moving objects in the airspace. The airspace was monitored in real time and, if necessary, police could intervene and stop a drone threat at an early stage. For that, drone defeat technology was integrated into the security solution.


Dedrone contributed to a secure and safe event in the areas of drone defense and airspace security.

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