Beach Volleyball World Championship

International sports event protected against drone threats







Vienna, Austria


  • Beach Volleyball Championship takes special measures to protect attendees and athletes from rogue drones
  • Drone detection by Dedrone was added to the overall security program ecosystem
  • The Dedrone solution enforced a “no-drone zone” along the championship area, protecting fans and players alike
The risks for prominent, attention-grabbing events are manifold. The security personnel must be prepared for all dangers - including drone strikes.

Jörg Lamprecht, CEO Dedrone


With the increase of drones being used to capture live event footage and for security, event organizers must discuss drone safety at the onset of planning, to ensure drone security measures are implemented. When airspace is unprotected, rogue drones can interrupt play, threaten the safety of spectators and infrastructure, and pose unique legal implications for athletes and performers. For this reason Dedrone was added to their overall security program ecosystem.


The drone detection system was operated in cooperation with the security company ÖWD Security & Services. The DroneTracker system warned the security teams on site automatically and in real time against unmanned aerial vehicles so that intervention could be taken early in case of emergency.


Dedrone and Dedrone partner, ÖWD Security & Services, successfully secured the event from rogue drones. Event organizers like Elektroinstallationen GmbH took a proactive approach, by integrating drone technology into their event planning and stayed on top of drone pilots by detecting rogue drones in advance and deploying a security measure.

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