Find Drones & Their Pilots

Introducing our newest RF Sensor, the RF-300. 

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Complete Airspace Security

We’re excited to release our newest sensor, RF-300, which automatically locates drones and their pilots. Combined with the broad coverage and early warning capabilities of our RF-100, 
RF-300 adds situational awareness to determine the nature and severity of threats from unauthorized drones.

Find the Pilot

The ultimate protection a facility can take against drone threats is to stop the pilot before they can cause any harm, and hold them accountable for damages. RF-300 provides this opportunity to enable law enforcement and site security to locate and take action against trespassing pilots.

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RF-300 Customer Story

Tracking down drones & their pilots

For the second time in a row, Dedrone’s technology was deployed at the global economic meeting to secure heads of state or government, cabinet ministers, ambassadors, and heads or senior officials of international organizations. Due to the high-profile nature of the event and its participants, security requirements were extremely strict. Dedrone’s technology secured the lower airspace and provided the location of the drone and the pilot, which assessed the potential dangers of a drone intrusion.

“We were able to successfully use Dedrone’s RF-300 for this year’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, and were more than satisfied with the new product.”

Canton Police of Graubünden, Davos, Switzerland

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Live Webinar: 
Introducing RF-300

Wednesday, March 6  | 10 am PT | 1 PM ET

We’ll cover the following topics during the 1 hour webinar:
  • a live demonstration of the RF-300, that showcases unauthorized drone and pilot localization through advanced RF technology
  • a technical overview of our two RF sensors:  RF-100 and RF-300. How they can be used on their own or complement each other to bring situational awareness to the airspace
  • a quick introduction to mitigation tactics and how localizing drone or pilot provides this opportunity to enable law enforcement and site security leaders to locate and take action against trespassing drones