Watch DroneTracker Live in Action!

This week Cyrus Farivar, senior business editor at Ars Technica, met with Dedrone in Oakland, CA, for a live demonstration of our drone detection system. Questions like, “How does DroneTracker work?” and “What drone alerts does the system provide?” were answered with actual performance during the session.

We are excited to share the video that was captured throughout our demonstration!

DroneTracker—Dedrone’s intelligent aerial intrusion detection platform—locates and identifies unauthorized drones reliably using multiple sensors, data correlation, and analytical technologies. DroneTracker is a complete drone detection and countermeasures platform for all applications. Recently, DroneTracker systems were installed to protect the airspaces at Citi Field (the Mets stadium) in Queens, NY, and the Suffolk County Correctional Facility in Riverhead, NY.

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