Drones - the Perfect Industrial Spies

Imagine a drone lands unnoticed on the roof of your data center. It is equipped with hacking tools which search for security gaps in your Wi-Fi and hack into your network. The stolen information is sent wirelessly to the attacker’s server – for hours or even days.

Or a drone flies up close to an office window, takes pictures of confidential documents with a high resolution camera and then disappears within seconds. Pictures from board meetings or prototypes can leave the company grounds this way, too. The damage drones could cause like this is immense.

“Drones are the perfect industrial spies", says Dedrone Managing Director Jörg Lamprecht. “They are small, they are fast and they can go everywhere. Company security generally focuses on the security at ground level. In most cases authorized people don’t realize if and how often drones enter a company’s airspace.” But more and more industries identify the security gap in the sky above them. Volke AG for example, an automobile developer, secures its complete premises with the DroneTracker against industrial espionage. The drone detection system warns security forces as soon as a drone flies over the fence. That way further measures such as seizing landed drones, covering documents, closing shutters or veiling prototypes can be triggered.Read more here

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