Dedrone Welcomes ABC7 News to San Francisco Headquarters

“The fact is, for all the fun you can have flying a drone, there are times and places where having one of these in the air can be a serious risk. That is what Dedrone is all about.” – Jonathan Bloom, ABC7 News

Dedrone welcomed reporter Jonathan Bloom of ABC7 News to our headquarters in San Francisco. While in the office, teh Dedrone team had the opportunity to demonstrate the DroneTracker software platform and share our office and company story. Our engineers moved to our rooftop deck and took out our in-house DJI Phantom 4 for a quick flight. Simultaneously, VP of Sales, Bobby Long, was downstairs with Jonathan demonstrating the software platform and showing how it can detect in real-time when a drone is in protected airspace.

We moved the conversation up to the rooftop to give Jonathan an opportunity to enjoy our spectacular view of the San Francisco skyline, and for him to pilot our drone. It takes a special brand of bravery to climb up there - the rooftop is accessible through a ladder, so we needed to get a few hands to pass up the film equipment.

Following the rooftop video shoot, we came back down the office, where ABC7 sat down with CEO and co-founder, Joerg Lamprecht, who discussed our customers, case uses and the security threats we see everyday from unauthorized drones in high-risk and high-value airspace. Jonathan adds, “Dedrone works like anti-virus software, constantly updating to detect the newest drones on the market.”

The Dedrone team enjoyed the show. Thank you, Jonathan and the ABC7 news team, for joining Dedrone for the day and featuring our company story to your viewers!

To watch the broadcast, visit ABC7 News, here:

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