Dedrone Helps Securing the Final US Presidential Debate

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department used a sophisticated system of automated sensors and networked software to detect and identify potential drone threats during the final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, held yesterday at the Thomas & Mack Center, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

With the increasing use of commercial drones and the potential security risks associated with them, LVMPD officials installed the use of the DroneTracker, an unmanned drone detection system developed by Dedrone and jointly deployed with AirVu.

Dedrone CEO Jörg Lamprecht said "The protection against criminal drones is getting more on the agenda of responsible security forces. Cheaper drones have become easily accessible for amateur photographers and enthusiasts, and this technology has even been used by extremist militant groups. While a few years ago it was enough to focus on physical security actions on the ground, drones; that are sold in the millions every month, open a new security threat. We are very proud that our technology was selected to protect such high-level national event and that we were able to contribute to a successful event”.

Find the press release here.

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