A Partner with Many Facets - The Aiview Group

Dedrone was already presented by the Aiview group at a lot of tradeshows, e.g. the Sicurezza in Milan. Since 2015 the company is an official partner from Dedrone and is operated from the headquarter in Rome, Italy and four other subsidiaries in different parts of Italy. Staff member from Aiview work intensely on introducing the DroneTracker to new clients.

In general the Aiview Group provides inspection services using UAVs. These services include aerial and land surveying as well as producing analysis reports and detailed maps. With expert knowledge and a great amount of professionalism Aiview also offers advice to companies for the introduction of unmanned systems into operational processes. As a special feature, their own training academy provides technical and practical courses to increase specific knowledge of their clients.

The large range of valuable services the company provides was only one of many crucial points which led to a mutual partnership between Dedrone and Aiview Group. With the combination of our products and the knowledge of Aiview group about inspection services we create an unmistakable base for further cooperation.

More information about the company on www.aiviewgroup.com

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