Automatic Anti-Drone Solution

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Applications and Case Studies

  • Stadiums
  • Prisons
  • Government
  • Air Traffic
  • Utilities
  • Data Centers
  • Industry
  • VIP


"All of these (security measures), and then it comes in from above"

Source: LA Times


Drone carrying drugs


"There are access points available now that weren’t available before."

Michael Sharkey,
Suffolk County Sheriff Office

Case Study

Drone carrying bomb


"A no-fly-zone cannot keep people with criminal intentions from flying their drones in the restricted area."

Kenneth Strigaro, Nassau Police

Case Study

Drone with HD Camera Resolution

Air Traffic

"It now seems inevitable that a tragic accident involving a commercial plane … and a drone is only a matter of time. "

Geoffrey Thomas, Airline Expert


Drone with HD Video Recording Camera


"Drones can be used to gather intelligence about facility security"

Monika Coflin,
Nuclear Regulatory Commission


Drone as flying hacker tool

Data Centers

"The 'Danger Drone' Is a $500 Flying Hacker Laptop"

Source: Motherboard

Danger Drone


"A drone could easily intercept documents sent to a seemingly inaccessible Wi-Fi printer".

Source: Wired

Drone with Camera


"… if the photo’s worth enough. So if it’s legal, not legal: what do they care?"

Marcy Blum,
Celebrity Wedding Planner

Case Study

Deutsche Telekom Goes Drone Hunting with Dedrone

Offering that protects against malicious drones available December 1, 2016. Read more